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9th December 2011

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the lily means...: Kim asked me about my time at Occupy last night →


My response: Great! It was incredible. Rylee and I made the decision of staying on occupying dewey, meaning we were willing to get arrested. Over 4,000 people watched online, the police didnt raid, no arrests were made even though they said shit would go down at 1 am, we cheered, chanted and…

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7th December 2011

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Conspicuously missing from these scene is the critic’s point of view.  Either the Fire Marshall was not interested in using the people’s mic or he was not given an opportunity.  I have no idea what the Health & Safety ruling was because I am only aware of it through The Occupy Protesters’ interpretation of the ruling.

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6th December 2011


This documents the General Assembly that took place at Dewey Square December 5.  Immediately following the Assembly was the tent donation rejection fiasco.  It was big drama.

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4th December 2011


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30th November 2011


Being a documentary filmmaker is hard work. Beauty just happens all around us and it is impossible to capture it all. People are expressing themselves constantly, both intentionally and unintentionally sharing their experiences with people around them. They make statements about their environment and reveal something about their values. As a documentary filmmaker, I am most interested in the unintentional expressions. This interest makes my art something like hunting and in most situations, my subject (or prey) has an interest in evading the lens of my camera.

Today, I went down to Occupy Boston in Dewey Square. I listened in on a conversation between a woman and long time protester (she has been camping in the park since the entirety of the occupation) and a particularly inspired young carpenter from Connecticut. The bulk of their dialogue pertained to the subject of freedom and the consequence to freedom. I failed to film this conversation and it is impossible to tell if I could because a subject is always altered by the fact that it is under observation.

The philosophical struggle between freedom and security is not uncommon but within the context of the Occupy Wallstreet movement, it is compelling. The woman shared with us, a series of experiences with men urinating around the camp. The story resonated with the young man who offered his experience with heroin addicts who take advantage of the camp for food and shelter.

I learned that The Occupation of Dewey Square is probably the easiest way to score heroin in Boston. But what was interesting about the conversation was not the seediness of the movement but the attitude towards it. They were asking questions: how do you discourage unwanted behavior all while promoting freedom and free will? In many ways, these little practical matters are microcosm for the larger story.

The woman also expressed concern about those people who offer solutions to problems at camp. She said those white men tend to bring completed proposals to the general assemblies and are often well received because their messages are concise, well thought out and cohesive. Other ideas, she observed, may be the seeds of great ideas, but are overlooked in favor of finished ideas.

Is it unfair to take an offhand comment and center a video around it?  Who would ever voluntarily allow themselves to be filmed knowing that the cameraman and editor have 100% control over the context of your words?

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11th November 2011

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…he had been interrogating Iraqis and using what he describes as psychological torture. He was 10 years old when the World Trade Center was hit. He wanted to fight terrorism in Iraq. He bought into the whole thing, he tells me. He had been looking forward to signing up ever since the 5th grade and then, suddenly, last November, he found himself watching a video of his fellow soldiers gunning down Iraqis on the street and it all changed for him.

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9th November 2011

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I love the guys going on about the triumph of the individual.  They work for The Federal Reserve.

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9th November 2011


Roughly 80 percent of millionaires in America are the first generation of their family to be rich. They didn’t inherit their wealth; they earned it. How? According to a recent survey of the top 1 percent of American earners, slightly less than 14 percent were involved in banking or finance.
— The real “1 percent” http://bit.ly/ul3WkA

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30th October 2011

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30th October 2011

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thecollapseddreamAmanda Palmer - The Ukulele Anthem (Occupy Wall  Street 10/12 NYC)

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